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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The MBA attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. MBA programmes typically consist of a set number of taught courses plus a dissertation.

Duration 3 - 5 years (Part-Time)
Course Fee £ 9,950*
  1. About the course
  2. Key Features
  3. Modules
  4. Entry Requirements

About the course

In the current business climate, it is increasingly important for business managers and leaders to update and advance their business knowledge and skills. The Doctor of Business Administration offers the opportunity for those who wish to make a career progression from middle/senior manager level to the board level. The DBA is the highest level of professional qualification available in business and management and can help you achieve those goals.

This DBA is founded upon three core themes - Value Creation, Strategy and Leadership. When integrated, these management skills are an essential formula for all businesses seeking to deliver sustainable value to shareholders.

The Doctoral curriculum is delivered in two structured stages and is benchmarked against the university Research Degree Regulations in particular specifically those for professional doctorates.

Key Features

  • Every semester you will spend two to three days discovering things about yourself, complexity and the world around you at live events.
  • These events are designed to extend theory, concepts, frameworks and practice through the use of spaces that connect you and what you learn to the wider world.

Course Modules

  • Value Creation for Business
  • Strategic Thinking and Critical Analysis
  • Strategy Road Maps
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Value Management
  • Interpersonal Leadership
  • Research Methodologies
  • Doctoral Thesis

Entry Requirements

  • A UK Masters level degree with merit or an equivalent recognised University/Institution Masters Degree qualification in business, management or relevant subject areas or have a good Masters level degree in a cognate subject area or field of study.
  • Overall IELTS 6.5 or equivalent with a minimum 6.5 in reading and writing and a minimum of 5.5 in listening and speaking components
  • Candidates are normally required to have relevant management experience
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